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  1. DBeaver x CUBRID : Release of DBeaver Tool for CUBRID Users

    In collaboration with the database tool DBeaver community, a product with a CUBRID plug-in has been released and is supported from DBeaver version 24.0.2 onwards. It includes the CUBRID Query Plan output function, SQL Editor, table lookup function, column creation function, and more. CUBRID will continue to contribute to the DBeaver community. DBeaver 24.0.2 Release DBeaver Download DBeaver Community
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  2. CUBRID open-source DBMS registered on AWS Marketplace

    March 6, 2023 CUBRID announced today that its open-source DBMS 'CUBRID' has been registered on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. After completing marketplace registration in all six-major domestic CSP (Cloud Service Provider) in Korea last year with Naver Cloud, KT Cloud, Gabia, NHN Cloud, Samsung SDS' SCP (Samsung Cloud Platform), and Kakao iCloud, CUBRID has also been added to AWS Marketplace to accelerate its overseas market. Now, users all over the world can maximize the benefits of open-source DBMS optimized for cloud environments by quickly using the CUBRID DBMS through AWS Marketplace. There are a total of four types of CUBRID DBMS registered on AWS Marketplace: ‘AWS-Cubrid10’ and ‘AWS-Cubrid11’ for Amazon Linux releases, ‘RHEL-Cubrid10&...
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  3. CUBRID signs strategic business agreement with Narae Data

    February 24, 2023 Today, CUBRID signed a strategic business agreement with an IT solution and consulting company, Narae Data. Through this agreement, CUBRID plans to link its DBMS (Database Management System) solution ‘CUBRID’ with a data transfer and integration solution, ‘Narae DataM.’ CUBRID and Narae Data also plans to expand and cooperate in finding joint customers. ‘Narae DataM,’ ETL (Extraction, Transformation, Load) solution by Narae Data, provides an optimal data transferring interface to quickly process source data in various server environments to convert data according to business rules and load converted data into target storage. ‘Narae DataM’ will convert data quickly and accurately when switching to the cloud, phasing in newly i...
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  4. The reinforcement of CUBRID, listed on all top-6 Korean CSPs(Cloud Service Providers)

    December 27, 2022 CUBRID announced that its open-source DBMS (Database Management System) “CUBRID” are now registered in all six major domestic CSP (Cloud Service Provider) marketplaces to target the demand for public and private cloud DBMS market in South Korea. CUBRID has been providing their DBMS product through Naver Cloud, KT Cloud, and Gabia marketplaces. This year, CUBRID completed marketplace registration and is now listed on NHN Cloud, Samsung SDS’s SCP(Samsung Cloud Platform), and Kakao iCloud by signing supply contracts. CUBRID is a relational DBMS product developed for more than 25 years, provides the high-capacity data processing power and performance, reliability, availability, and manageability required by the enterprise market. CUBRID consists of a 3-tier s...
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  5. Development Corporation with Cambodian Software Company, Phnom Voar Software

    July 04, 2022 The open source DBMS company, CUBRID announced that they have signed a development cooperation agreement with the Cambodian software company, Phnom Voar Software (hereinafter, PVS). The two companies will jointly research and develop CUBRID Migration Toolkit (CMT) that supports migration functions from various heterogeneous Databases other than Oracle and MySQL to CUBRID Database. Phnom Voar Software (PVS) is a business initiative of OUR SCHOOL, NGO, which serves the global software industry by providing software development and testing services. CUBRID Corporation and PVS jointly develop an extension program of the source database applied to the CMT and conduct quality assurance (QA). In addition, CMT bug fixes and improvements will also be carried out jointly by these two co...
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