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CUBRID Admin has been released.

1. Bug Fix
   Fixed errors that do not support table and column comments in 'Export', 'Edit Table'-SQL Script, table dashboard 
   - Modified to support row delimiters CR ('\r') , LF ('\n') and CR/LF ('\r\n') when importing from txt file

   - Fixed column, row separator order, and behavior errors in the dialog box when exporting from a txt file

   - Fixed error pop-up that happens when the column name contains uppercase letters when creating and editing the table

   - Fixed errors that prevent table editing when table names contain uppercase letters 

   - Modified to translate into Korean in ERD editor

   - Fixed an error of cache remaining in DB alias even after the table is deleted when setting the DB alias in the 'Edit Table'

   - Added the latest JDBC driver

   - Fixed errors that do not update the host information in 'Export Hosts' after editting the host information


3. GitHub link

 Please refer to the GitHub link for details.

  1. No Image 13Jan
    2023/01/13 in Engine

    CUBRID 11.0 Patch 10 released

  2. No Image 31Jan
    2023/01/31 in Engine

    CUBRID 11.2 Patch 3 released

  3. No Image 02Feb
    2023/02/02 in Tool

    CUBRID Migration Toolkit Released

  4. No Image 27Apr
    2023/04/27 in Engine

    CUBRID 11.2 Patch 4 released

  5. No Image 02May
    2023/05/02 in Interface

    CUBRID JDBC driver Released

  6. No Image 09May
    2023/05/09 in Engine

    CUBRID 10.2 Patch 11 released

  7. No Image 09May
    2023/05/09 in Engine

    CUBRID 11.0 Patch 11 released

  8. No Image 26May
    by admin
    2023/05/26 in Tool

    CUBRID Admin Released

  9. No Image 26May
    2023/05/26 in Tool

    CUBRID Manager Released

  10. No Image 31May
    2023/05/31 in Tool

    CUBRID Migration Toolkit Released.

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