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CUBRID 10.2 Patch 9 has been released.

In this release, issues found after 10.2.8 released have been fixed.

1. Improvement and Fix
  - Improved to be able to change the name of a View with constraints.
  - Improved performance of query through Sort-limit optimization when using bind variables in Limit syntax.
  - Improved performance of the query through the Index scan when using the stored function in Where clause.
  - The --last-image option, which can be unloaded using only the data volume, is supported by Unloaddb.
  - Fixed an error in which transactions after the recovery point are also recovered when point-in-time recovery is performed using Restoredb -d. (Note: In order to maintain compatibility, if a point-in-time recovery is performed using a previous version of the backup file in this version, transactions after that point-in-time may be recovered together)
  - Fixed a segment fault that occurred when using built-in functions using Call syntax. (eg CALL TO_DATE('12/25/2008'))
  - Fixed a segment fault that occurred when creating an FK referencing a column of a partition table after creating an FK that refers to a regular table in a partition table.
  - Fixed an error that was not properly replicated to the slave when loading data with the loaddb -C option in the HA environment.
  - Fixed a segment fault when running compactdb in SA mode.
  - Fixed a segment fault that occurred when using UNION for IN clause in Inline view.

  Please refer to the 10.2.9 change logs( for details.

2. Environmental Requirements
  - Linux: 64bit, kernel 2.4 or higher, Windows: Windows7 or higher
  - JRE 1.8 or higher is required when using JSP or CUBRID Admin/CUBRID Manager

3. Download
  - Product download :

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