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CUBRID 11.3 has been released.

Connectivity : Improved connectivity by improving database links
Performance Enhancement : Improved performance by improving query optimizer and aggregation functions
Convenience Enhancement : Improved management convenience through utility improvements

1. Improvement and Fix

* Database Link
  - Provides table extension format (object@server) for remote objects for user convenience
  - Provides the ability to Insert, Update, and Delete as well as query data for remote objects
  - Additional support for heterogeneous DBMS: MariaDB

* Improvements in Performance
  - Improved query optimization, including predicate pushdown, view transformations, and removing unnecessary Join tables
  - Improved performance by improving aggregation functions (MIN, MAX GROUP_CONCAT)
  - Improved performance issues caused by skewed indexes by providing a Deduplication option when creating an Index (or Foreign key)

* Improvements in Manageability
  - Provides an alternative if /etc/hosts is not available for security reasons ($CUBRID/conf/cubrid_hosts.conf)
  - Provides Vacuumdb with the ability to display information on which indexes OVFP reads occurred while performing an index VACUUM
  - Provides new commands to the CSQL utility
      * Connect : Commands to switch to another user (including another DB) while in use
      * Edit [format|fmt] : Commands to auto-edit SQL with a set formatter
      * Formatter_cmd : Commands to register a formatter
      * Singleline : Commands to set line-by-line execution for incoming queries
  - Provides the Unloaddb utility an option to unload separated by object (--split-schema-files)
  - Provides the Loaddb utility with the option to load files separated by objects at once (--schema-file-list)

* Compatibility
  - Provides compatibility of numeric operations and output through the setting, oracle_compat_number_behavior

* HA
  - Provide an alternative method when ping command is not available in HA environment (See configuration value ha_tcp_ping_hosts)
  - Improved SQL logging behavior in HA environment
  - Fixed intermittent replication error when entering data using Loaddb -C in HA environment

* Feature enhancements and Bug fixes

For more details, please refer to the CUBRID 11.3 change logs( and online manuals (

2. Precautions
  - Query optimizer statistics are not automatically updated when DDL statements are executed, and users must manually run the UPDATE STATISTICS statement to update the statistics
  - When changing the type of a column with the AUTO_INCREMENT attribute or a column with the default value in the ALTER TABLE statement, an error occurred when changing the AUTO_INCREMENT attribute to an unavailable type or changing the existing default value to an unconvertible type
  - Unable to get Connection object via cubrid.jdbc.driver.CUBRIDDriver.getDefaultConnection() in server-side JDBC. 
Instead, DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:default:connection:"); should be used
  - If you specify an invalid index name or a table name in the USE INDEX syntax, it will be ignored without raising an error (if you want to write it to the log file, you can set the error_log_warning setting to yes)
  - When creating a CREATE INDEX, the position of the COMMENT clause is changed to the last position of the syntax after the WITH clause or INVISIBLE clause
  - The driver version compatible with CUBRID 11.3 is 11.2

3. Environmental Requirements
  - Linux: 64bit, kernel 2.4 or higher, Windows: Windows7 or higher (Windows 7 requires the latest security updates)
  - JRE 1.8 or higher is required when using JSP or CUBRID Admin/CUBRID Manager

4. Download

  - Product Download :

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