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CUBRID Migration Toolkit has been released.


1. Improvements

  - CUBRID 11.2 or over multi schema support

   - Add Migration Wizard Schema Mapping page

   - Create a directory by schema when migration offline

   - Create info file when migration CUBRID dump

   - Separate schema files into files for each object

   - Support for synonym, grant migration

   - Show renamed objects when migration

   - Migration Wizard Step 3(Output files settings) screen modification

   - Add create user sql file

   - _clear.sql, _drop_fk.sql, _truncate.sql files are created for each schema directory.

   - View query spec sql created in separate file

   - Improved speed of retrieving Oracle schema information


2. Bug Fix

   - Fixed Mariadb bit(n) size increase bug

    - Fixed incorrect error message when selecting invalid JDBC

    - Fixed an error that occurred when changing the Informix serial type to CUBRID bigint.

    - CUBRID dump reference table name error correction


3. Download


4. Please refer to the GitHub link for details.

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