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July 27, 2020


CUBRID is committed to strengthening their partner business of independent software vendors (ISVs).


CUBRID DBMS is engineered as a completely free, open source relational database management engine, which ensures users zero payment for the software license but only pays for technical support services when needed. In addition to end-user products which enable users to use development support and maintenance services in the development and operation stages of the business system, CUBRID has provided 'ISV Technical Support Service' products so that ISV can embed and sell DBMS needed for its solutions without limitation in the number of copies.


ISV provides development support services such as DB design and schema review, query review, performance tuning, and data migration required for application development/porting through an annual subscription service.  Under the ISV Technical Support Service annual subscription services, ISV provides primary support to the end-user while CUBRID provides the secondary maintenance services. By waiving the cost of the DBMS license fee, ISV can increase the price competitiveness of their solution because they can only charge for the solution instead of including the DBMS license fee, the total cost of ownership for the end-user will be reduced.   


Recently, CUBRID signed the ISV technical support service contracts with two solution companies: public agency messenger solution specialists, AIST (, and smart factory solution specialist Rich & Time ( Through this contract, CUBRID DBMS will be installed in AIST ‘'T'UC Messenger', which is supplied to 130 public institutions, and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) solution of Rich & Time, which helps manufacturing companies manage their businesses through product information management. 


In addition, Ambilix (, a BI solution company based in Atlanta, USA, recently completed the CUBRID DBMS integration and was registered as a new sponsor of the CUBRID Foundation. Amplex's integrated platform for data visualization and analysis provides an environment where anyone can visualize and analyze data through Drag&Drop.


The reason why CUBRID adopted BSD license for the interface is that ISVs will not be imposed by any restrictions on developing, distributing, or selling various applications based on CUBRID. CUBRID wants to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem by expanding the user pool and strengthening market competitiveness.




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