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June 2022 CUBRID 11.2 Release (

Bug Reports and User Feedback

CUBRID welcomes your active participation in bug reporting and looks forward to your feedback. You can register your bug reports and feedback on the following Websites:

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The Apache license 2.0 applies to the CUBRID server engine, and the BSD license applies to CUBRID MANAGER and interfaces (APIs). For more information, see the License Policy on .

Additional Information

Regarding CUBRID upgrade and migration, see Upgrade.

Regarding the recent CUBRID sources, visit and

Note on Drivers

Currently, CUBRID supports the following drivers: JDBC, CCI(CUBRID C API), Node.js, PHP, PDO, Python, Perl, Ruby, ADO.NET, ODBC, OLE DB. These drivers except JDBC, Node.js and ADO.NET are developed on top of CCI. Therefore, CCI changes can affect CCI-based drivers.