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  1. Strategic Business Agreement with R2B Solution

    April 8, 2021 The open source DBMS company, CUBRID announced that they have signed a strategic agreement with R2B Solution (, a company that specializes in real-time data synchronization. Through this strategic business agreement, CUBRID plans to link R2B solution’s CDC (Change Data Capture) solution ‘X-LOG’ with its DBMS solution ‘CUBRID’ and cooperates in discovering joint customers. Enterprises and organizations using both companies' solutions can transfer table data between remote DBMSs at high speed and verify bidirectional consistency in real time. Unlike ETL and ESB tools, it does not directly use DB tables during the transfer; instead, it transfers data through capturing and transferring logs. In this case, the transfer doe...
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  2. CUBRID 11.0 Stable Release and Apache License Change

    January 28, 2021 CUBRID is pleased to announce the release of CUBRID 11.0, the latest stable version of the CUBRID DB engine. The CUBRID 11.0 focuses on performance improvement, new features adding, and security and convenience enhancement. In the meantime, CUBRID 11.0 license has been changed from GPL to Apache License 2.0, while CUBRID 10.2 or lower versions still adopt GPL v2 or higher license. The main features of the newly released CUBRID 11 version are as follows: Security Enhancement: By providing data encryption and packet encryption, CUBRID 11.0 improves security. This version prevents abnormal data loss by supporting table-based TDE (Transparent Data Encryption) and packet encryption between the driver and server. Feature Enhancement: This version supports hash scan and improves t...
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  3. Open Source DBMS Supply for Smart National Defense Informatization in South Korea

    September 21, 2020 CUBRID is contributing to a number of informatization projects of the Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of Korea and supporting the process of converting the national defense integrated data center to the cloud, for the realization of the 'Defense Reform'1, by providing its open source DBMS services. CUBRID, which has been extensively participating in the public sector NIRS (National Information Resources Service)'s informatization project, has completed two projects organized by the Ministry of National Defense this year: The information retrieval system for the war memorial; Old server replacement project of high-speed situation propagation system for the Republic of Korea Army and several other projects are currently underway. CUBRID DBMS has bee...
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  4. The ISV Partner Ecosystem Expansion

    July 27, 2020 CUBRID is committed to strengthening their partner business of independent software vendors (ISVs). CUBRID DBMS is engineered as a completely free, open source relational database management engine, which ensures users zero payment for the software license but only pays for technical support services when needed. In addition to end-user products which enable users to use development support and maintenance services in the development and operation stages of the business system, CUBRID has provided 'ISV Technical Support Service' products so that ISV can embed and sell DBMS needed for its solutions without limitation in the number of copies. ISV provides development support services such as DB design and schema review, query review, performance tuning, and data migration requir...
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  5. Technical Support to the Korea Educational Research and Information Service (KERIS)

    June 08, 2020. Elementary and secondary schools, which had been delayed under the aftermath of Covid-19, have begun to establish online education in parallel with the start of the semester, considering the concerns about further infections spread. During the pandemic period, there is an open-source database company that has stably supported the online opening of the Korea Educational Research and Information Service (KERIS) since early March of 2020. Together with Naver Business Platform (NBP), Bespin Global, and Fusionsoft, CUBRID has provided technical supports to the online learning services operated by KERIS. The number of users of digital textbooks and learning communities (Wedorang) had increased since the beginning of March when the beginning date of schools in South Korea was postpo...
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