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What is CSQL

  • CSQL is a command-line tool to administer CUBRID database server and run SQL statements.
  • It is a basic path through which users can communicate with CUBRID.

Why CSQL ?

  • Purpose of Use:

1) Execute SQL commands.
2) A path for receiving tasks performed by a DBA for administration.

  • While the first purpose can be satisfied using the various 3rd party tools, the second purpose can only achieve by using CSQL provided solely for CUBRID.

Differences between CSQL and 3rd party tools

  • CSQL connects to the DB without going through the Broker. For this reason, any problems occurring in the Broker will not affect the CSQL connection at all.
  • CSQL is a very powerful command-line interpreter. Please read our online Manual CSQL Interpreter Tutorial for more details:


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