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1. Improve Function
   - CTE Query is recorded and visible in SQL history
   - When unfolding table icon, added the ability to expand the table list through the "More Tables" button
   - 'Install Table Descriptions' button is hiding in CUBRID 10+ version
   - Modify to resize the DBA password dialog in the 'Delete Database' menu
   - When performing 'Execute Prepared SQL', designate the file extension to be read (xls, csv, xlsx)
   - Improved query inquiry time when retrieving massive records

2. Bug Fix
   - Fixed an issue where an SQL script was generated incorrectly for an existing trigger
   - Fixed the problem that JAVA 9, 10 is not supported
   - Fixed an issue where column comments were incorrectly displayed (inheritance column)
   - UI improvement of backup automation
   - Fixed an issue where version information was displayed incorrectly
   - Fixed an issue where version information was displayed incorrectly in the CUBRID Manager installation wizard

3. Download

For details, please refer to link

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