CUBRID 10.1 Patch 1 Released

posted Mar 20, 2020

CUBRID 10.1 Patch 1 has been released.

In this release, some issues found after 10.1 were fixed.


1. Modifications and Improvements

- Improved string search overhead

- Fixed an error that occurred when ordering(ORDER BY) for a column that does not have the first query result value and is not in the select list

- Fixed an issue with fetching records using "desc" attribute and NULL field.

- Fixed about 20 other issues


Please refer to the release notes (https://github.com/CUBRID/cubrid/releases/tag/v10.1.1) for details.

2. Environmental requirements

- Linux: 64bit, kernel 2.4 or higher (Windows: Windows7 or higher)

- JRE 1.6 or higher to use JSP or CUBRID Manager

3. Download

- Product download: https://www.cubrid.org/downloads

- Source code download: https://github.com/CUBRID/cubrid/tree/v10.1.1