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CUBRID 11.2 has been released

Connectivity: Provides scalability between homogeneous and heterogeneous DBs through database link and supplementary logging
Performance Enhancement: Enhanced query performance through query optimizations and Java SP refactoring
Compatibility:  Enhanced compatibility through user schema concept and synonym function

1. Key Features and Improvements 

* Connectivity
  - Provide database link between homogeneous and heterogeneous DBMS
  - Provide CDC function by supporting supplemental logging function that can track changed data

* Performance Enhancement 
  - Improved query optimization such as predicate pushdown and view transformation
  - Improved performance for count(*) when the 'WHERE' is no predicate
  - Improved performance of truncate table 
  - Support Hash List Scan for all subqueries 
  - Support JDBC's statement cache

* SQL Extension Featuers   
  - Support CREATE/DROP server statements for database link
  - Support user schema concept 
  - Support synonym function 
  - Support multiple filtered index on the same column

* Enhancement of Convenience 
  - Provide flashback function that can extract the original query of changed data for each transaction

* Other features enhancements
* Other bug fixes

For more details, please refer to the CUBRID 11.2 change logs( online manuals (

2. Precautions
 - It is not compatible with the volumes of previous versions (11.1 or less), so DB reconfiguration is required when upgrading to 11.2
 - By introducing the concept of user schema, the same object name can be used for each user. According to this support, "." (dot) is not allowed in object names, and --no-user-specified-name option is provided so that loaddb files before 11.2 can be performed in 11.2.
 - When another user accesses the table, it is necessary to include the user name in the table name after grant or use a synonym
 - When using “jdbc:default:connection:” or getDefaultConnection() of JavaSP, the behavior is changed, such as not supporting all functions of java.sql.DatabaseMetaData
 - The behavior of the TRUNCATE TABLE changed if there is set null or cascade of FK
 - Column properties not written during alter change/modify are changed to be maintained, and auto_increment and on update properties cannot be removed with the alter statement
 - Changed to handle an error if only the column name exists(UPDATE ... WHERE c1;) in the where clause
 - Multiple SQL must be separated by semicolons(;)
 - As the CCI Driver directory in the CUBRID package is changed, $CUBRID/cci/lib must be added to the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH when using CCI.
 - Changed Compression (-z, --compress) option to default on backup
 - System catalog information changed or added due to the addition of new features
 - The driver version is managed separately from the CUBRID version. The driver version compatible with CUBRID 11.2 is 11.1

3. Environmental requirements 
 - Linux: 64bit, kernel 2.4 or higher, Windows: Windows7 or higher (Windows7 is needed the latest update patch) 
 - JRE 1.8 or higher is required when using JSP or CUBRID Admin/CUBRID Manager

4. Download 
 - Product download:

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