CUBRID 10.2 Patch 1 Released

posted Jun 01, 2020

CUBRID 10.2 Patch 1 has been released.

This release includes a number of fixes of legacy issues and a new features


1. Modifications and Improvements

    - Support packet encryption between JDBC driver and CUBRID DBMS.

    - Improvement on  API to provide SQLText and fixed bugs such as memory leak, coredump, etc. at CUBRID Manager Server (CMS)

    - Improved commit performance in a transaction using serial or auto-increment on HA 

    - Improvement on writing log at syslog, when fail over by disk failure on HA

    - Fixed infinite waiting for query execution between JDBC and DB server  in abnormal network circumstance

    - Fixed error occurred coredump when creating database on NAS

    - Modified padding character in CHAR type of EUCKR charset 

 - Fixed errors where 4K or more view queries are not displayed in the “show create view”

    - Support some functions such as inValid() and Result.getBlob(), ResultgetClob() on BIT VARYING/VARCHAR type in JDBC 

    - Fixed more than 10 other issues


Please refer to the release note (https://github.com/CUBRID/cubrid/releases/tag/v10.2.1) for details.


2. Environmental Requirements

    - Linux: 64bit, kernel 2.4 or higher (Windows: Windows7 or higher)

    - JRE 1.6 or higher to use JSP or CUBRID Admin/CUBRID Manager


3. Download

    - Product download: https://www.cubrid.org/downloads

    - Source code download: https://github.com/CUBRID/cubrid/tree/v10.2.1