CUBRID 11.0 Patch 13 released

posted Oct 30, 2023
CUBRID 11.0 Patch 13 has been released.

In this release, issues found after 11.0.13 released have been fixed.

1. Improvement and Fix
  - Fixed an error in which the plan of the query including that view was not changed in the query plan cache when the query specification of a view (including inline views) was changed.
  - Fixed a segment fault that occurred when executing a query by inserting a bind variable value of a collection type into a column that is not a collection type where an index was created.

Please refer to the 11.0.13 change logs(https://github.com/CUBRID/cubrid/releases/tag/v11.0.13) for details.

2. Environmental Requirements
  - Linux: 64bit, kernel 2.4 or higher, Windows: Windows7 or higher (Windows 7 requires the latest security updates)
  - JRE 1.8 or higher is required when using JSP or CUBRID Admin/CUBRID Manager

3. Download
  - Product download : https://www.cubrid.org/downloads