CUBRID Manager Released

posted Aug 05, 2022
Release CUBRID Manager

1. Enhancements
  - For Support CUBRID Server 11.2 (UserSchema,Synonym And Etc.)
  - Add Synonym menu
  - if the JDBC ans CUBRID versions are different, only a warning message is displayed and the operation is allowed
  - serial Max, Min Value specification changes applied 
  - add JDBC Driver files for (, 11.0.1 ~ 11.0.6)

2. Bug Fix
   - can access the CUBRID site from the 'Help' tab in server version 11.0.1 or later
   - can use 'Edit Trigger' for all user
   - can search OID on JDBC
   - fix to enable 'database copy' in CUBRID version 11.2
   - fixes many other bugs


4. Please refer to the GitHub link for details.