ISV Partnership with CHEQUER: Database Tool Solution 'SQLGate for CUBRID'

by admin posted Mar 17, 2020
July 31, 2019.

CHEQUER (, a company that specializes in data solutions, announced that they had released an open source database tool named ‘SQLGate for CUBRID'. SQLGate is the No.1 database IDE (Integrated Development Environment) software in South Korea based on the number of subscribers. It supports major domestic and international databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, My SQL, and CUBRID. 

CHEQUER signed a strategic partnership with CUBRID in March to develop the open source database tool, SQLGate for CUBRID. As a partner for SQLGate for CUBRID, CUBRID is planning to conduct various sales and marketing activities to expand the user bases globally. 

SQLGate for CUBRID is designed to increase the productivity of data operations in the CUBRID DBMS environment. SQLGate for CUBRID is easy to use without additional client installation, and it provides convenient and robust database management/development features for DBAs and developers, including automated SQL completion, multi-query execution, and ERD creation.  

“SQLGate, a proven development and management tool that has over 2,000 customers in South Korea will be able to provide optimized convenience to CUBRID users. We expect to be able to expand our business into new markets through collaboration with CUBRID, which has a wide range of references in various markets.” In Seo Hwang, CEO of CHEQUER, said.    

SQLGate for CUBRID is available at