Free License for ‘SQLGate for CUBRID’

by admin posted Apr 16, 2020
April 16, 2020.
With cooperation with CHEQUER (, a company that specializes in data solutions, we are pleased to announce the offer of SQLGate for CUBRID as a perpetual, free license product; and all the features provided are available. 
Since March 2019, CHEQUER has become a strategic partner with CUBRID, aiming to develop the database tool, SQLGate for CUBRID to increase the productivity of data operations in the CUBRID DBMS environment. 

Through this collaboration, the way of delivering CUBRID Tools to users will change as follows:



Operating System

Before Change

After Change


CUBRID Manager:

DB Management


Query Editor


DB Management


Query Editor


CUBRID Manager:

DB Management + Query Editor


Windows-based users will need two tools: CUBRID Admin for DB management and SQLGate for CUBRID for query editor, while Linux and MacOS users can continue to use the existing CUBRID Manager for both DB management and query editor.  


SQLGate for CUBRID is now available at;