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July 04, 2022


The open source DBMS company, CUBRID announced that they have signed a development cooperation agreement with the Cambodian software company, Phnom Voar Software (hereinafter, PVS). The two companies will jointly research and develop CUBRID Migration Toolkit (CMT) that supports migration functions from various heterogeneous Databases other than Oracle and MySQL to CUBRID Database.


Phnom Voar Software (PVS) is a business initiative of OUR SCHOOL, NGO, which serves the global software industry by providing software development and testing services.


CUBRID Corporation and PVS jointly develop an extension program of the source database applied to the CMT and conduct quality assurance (QA). In addition, CMT bug fixes and improvements will also be carried out jointly by these two companies.


This development cooperation aims to expand the base of global open source developers. To revitalize global open source projects, CUBRID established the 'CUBRID Foundation' to support developers and companies around the world to participate in the CUBRID open source project as contributors. A representative global development partner is Arnia Software, a leading software development company which is based in Romania.


CUBRID Foundation is exploring various types of cooperation channels to expand the participation of overseas developers in open source software. It is expected that this cooperation with PVS, which has experienced various cross-platform development and testing, will have a positive impact on the spread of the global open source developer ecosystem.

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