The NEW CUBRID Developer Guide

by admin posted Jun 15, 2021

June 15, 2021


CUBRID announced that they have released a developer guide ( which contains detailed explanation of the development process of its DBMS open source project, CUBRID. The purpose of this guide is to support developers to participate in the CUBRID project more effectively via sharing the license policy and the overall workflow for the development lifecycle.


The developer guide consists of issue management through Jira, an open-source project collaboration tool, configuration management through GitHub, post-merge workflows, external contributor guidelines, and product release procedures.


The ‘workflow with Jira issues’ section explains step-by-step how each process proceeds, from the issue registration process to selection, work progress, work review, completion, and the person in charge. After developers participate in the project, the issue is assigned and the development work is carried out, the project maintainer review and the QA maintainer confirms and closes the issue.


The ‘workflow with GitHub’ section covers the detailed explanations of the branch model and review process applied by CUBRID. CUBRID operates on the basis of the modified Vincent Drissen branch model, which allows developers to effectively contribute to the project by understanding the branch operation in advance.


In addition, the developer guide introduces tips and communication channels for the first contribution along with license agreements for developers who are new to CUBRID projects.


CUBRID releases the developer guide to lead mutual agreement on the CUBRID development culture and share the future direction. By providing practical best practices to existing and future contributors who find open source projects are difficult to reference, CUBRID expects this guide would be a good example of revitalizing the open source developer ecosystem.