ISV Partnership with WhaTap: Database Monitoring ‘WhaTap for CUBRID’

by admin posted Mar 17, 2020
September 2, 2019.

WhaTap Labs (, a company that specializes in IT monitoring, announced that they had released an open source DBMS CUBRID monitoring solution named ‘WhatTap for CUBRID’. Through the cooperation between WhaTap Labs and CUBRID, the new product offers customized monitoring solutions so that the CUBRID DB instance can be managed with high stability. 

WhatTap for CUBRID is a product that monitors database performance in real-time, diagnoses and analyses problems, tunes the problematic SQL and provides an immediate check on the problem-solving process. If there is a problem with the database, an alarm is sent to the person in charge so that he or she can be aware of the problematic situation on time; and analyze the DB situation more precisely through collected data, which helps to identify the problem. 

WhatTap for CUBRID can also collect data from a query base and use it regardless of the operating system, without installing an agent directly on the monitored database server. Furthermore, WhatTap for CUBRID supports integrated monitoring of public/private cloud and multi-cloud environments. Both Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and installation are available. 

“We expect to further expand our user ecosystem through the collaboration with CUBRID. As the service environment is becoming more and more complex and the need for DevOps is rising, we aim to offer help to users to improve the stability of their IT services by launching WhatTap for CUBRID.” Dong In Lee, CEO of WhaTap Labs, said.