CUBRID open-source DBMS registered on AWS Marketplace

by admin posted Mar 07, 2023

March 6, 2023


CUBRID announced today that its open-source DBMS 'CUBRID' has been registered on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace.


After completing marketplace registration in all six-major domestic CSP (Cloud Service Provider) in Korea last year with Naver Cloud, KT Cloud, Gabia, NHN Cloud, Samsung SDS' SCP (Samsung Cloud Platform), and Kakao iCloud, CUBRID has also been added to AWS Marketplace to accelerate its overseas market.


Now, users all over the world can maximize the benefits of open-source DBMS optimized for cloud environments by quickly using the CUBRID DBMS through AWS Marketplace. There are a total of four types of CUBRID DBMS registered on AWS Marketplace: ‘AWS-Cubrid10’ and ‘AWS-Cubrid11’ for Amazon Linux releases, ‘RHEL-Cubrid10’ and ‘RHEL-Cubrid11’ for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) environments.


CUBRID is a relational DBMS product that has been developed for more than 25 years, providing not only high-capacity data processing power, but also high performance, reliability, availability, and ease of management required by the enterprise market.

It is suitable for OLTP environments as it is possible to configure a flexible system with a 3-tier structure consisting of applications, brokers, and servers.

It complies with ‘ANSI SQL,’ an international standard in the DB Field, and provides multiple version concurrency control (MVCC) and high-availability (HA) functions to support 24-hours * 365 days non-stop service implementation through server redundancy. It also provides various GUI-based tools for DB management/migration and supports Oracle/MySQL compatibility.


CUBRID is now available on AWS Marketplace which will help innovate faster and procure DBMS solutions more easily for users operating AWS cloud environments at home and abroad.