CUBRID 10.2 Now Available

by admin posted Mar 17, 2020
December 20, 2019.

CUBRID is pleased to announce the availability of CUBRID 10.2, the latest stable release.

The CUBRID 10.2 added an online parallel loader to increase the mass data loading performance by 10 times compared to CUBRID 10.1 version. In addition, by improving the auto-commit performance, CUBRID 10.2 outperforms 130-140% on the benchmark test of YCSB (Yahoo! Cloud Serving Benchmark), compare with CUBRID 10.1.

Also, JSON data type and online parallel index were supported and index management function was enhanced. Furthermore, the CTE (Common Table Expression) feature was extended so that INSERT, REPLACE, DELETE, UPDATE, CREATE TABLE AS SELECT are allowed as well as SELECT.

In addition, to improve stability, Double Write Buffer was added to prevent partial page writes to disk, as well as refactoring and bug fixes of major code.

The CUBRID 10.2 version has been upgraded with the focus on improving operational convenience of DBAs and supporting faster operations. As the market demand for open source DBMS is rising, we plan to respond to this increasing market demand through active communication with user communities. 

Since CUBRID has been open source DBMS from 2008, more than 320,000 products have been downloaded globally.

CUBRID 10.2 is available to download at