CUBRID signs strategic business agreement with Narae Data

by admin posted Feb 24, 2023

February 24, 2023


Today, CUBRID signed a strategic business agreement with an IT solution and consulting company, Narae Data.


Through this agreement, CUBRID plans to link its DBMS (Database Management System) solution ‘CUBRID’ with a data transfer and integration solution, ‘Narae DataM.’
CUBRID and Narae Data also plans to expand and cooperate in finding joint customers.


‘Narae DataM,’ ETL (Extraction, Transformation, Load) solution by Narae Data, provides an optimal data transferring interface to quickly process source data in various server environments to convert data according to business rules and load converted data into target storage.


‘Narae DataM’ will convert data quickly and accurately when switching to the cloud, phasing in newly introduced systems, and replacing the existing DBMS with an open-source DBMS, CUBRID. It will also assist in reducing the maintenance costs effectively. In addition, ‘Narae DataM’ is a data processing tool when building a data mart or data warehouse for data analysis and can be used as a batch processing engine that supports batch processing tasks such as account settlement aggregation.


As CUBRID occupies the largest number of DB instances among DBMS companies applied to public sector cloud infrastructure (IaaS) in South Korea, the cooperation between CUBRID and Narae Data is expected to add strength to the legacy system conversion project announced in the Public and Defense markets.


‘Narae DataM’ is an ETL solution officially registered in the Digital Service Mall of Public Procurement Service and has been verified for its performance and reliability, transferring large amounts of data, by the Presidential Archives and Army Units.