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December 27, 2022


CUBRID announced that its open-source DBMS (Database Management System) “CUBRID” are now registered in all six major domestic CSP (Cloud Service Provider) marketplaces to target the demand for public and private cloud DBMS market in South Korea.


CUBRID has been providing their DBMS product through Naver Cloud, KT Cloud, and Gabia marketplaces. This year, CUBRID completed marketplace registration and is now listed on NHN Cloud, Samsung SDS’s SCP(Samsung Cloud Platform), and Kakao iCloud by signing supply contracts.


CUBRID is a relational DBMS product developed for more than 25 years, provides the high-capacity data processing power and performance, reliability, availability, and manageability required by the enterprise market. CUBRID consists of a 3-tier structure of applications/interfaces, brokers, and servers, and the flexibility to build systems, which is ideal for data-intensive online transaction processing (OLTP) services. It is also effective in reducing TCO with open-source licenses.


While public institutions are conducting cloud business and the demand of converting commercial software into open-source is increasing, CUBRID is solidifying its position as a leader in the public cloud market with their open-source DBMS with cloud-optimized scalability.


The efficiency and simplification of operating software related to data are very important factors in the cloud-transition business. CUBRID gained its reliability in the public market through not only because developing DBMS directly from manufacturer, but also providing technical supports.

CUBRID will continue to take the lead in the cloud-transition market by fully demonstrating its expertise in the public sector.


Since the release of the source code in 2008, CUBRID DBMS has a record of more than 350,000 downloads, 1,500 DB instances that are in service in more than 1,000 systems, including the National Information Resources Service, Defense Integrated Data Canter, and private companies.

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