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Are you a software engineer? Are you a program manager? Are you a solution architect? Are you interested in innovative technologies? No matter what you are good at, we value your know-how. CUBRID is a project where you can put your skills to work in the service of the open source community and where you can learn exciting new things. You will be part of our CUBRID community where we are constantly looking for new ideas, and your suggestions can make a difference.

We want to provide the best support for CUBRID in all well-known programming languages and frameworks, from PHP to Java, from .NET to Node.js. And this is where you can probably contribute the most – we want your help to build the best drivers around CUBRID and to help the community to drive CUBRID adoption in any project that supports multiple databases engines.

JAVA developer?

Help us improve our
JDBC driver >
Java Stored Procedures >

PHP developer?

Help us by updating our PHP drivers for latest PHP versions.
PHP driver >


Other developer?

Python, ADO.NET, CCI, ODBC, OLEDB, Node.js, Perl, Ruby and others. Bring your expertise for a better product.
Check out our open source project on GitHub >

A successful engine also must provide the DBA's ways to track query executions, find problems and optimize their program. We aim to achieve that with our CUBRID Manager and CUBRID Manager Server. If you're skilled in JAVA or C++, help us improve and add new features to our existing tools, and even more, help us add other useful tools to our suite.

JAVA developer?

Help us improve our
CUBRID Manager >

C++ developer?

Help us improve our
CUBRID Manager Server >

With your help, we can put your favourite CMS on the CUBRID supported CMS list. We already support Karybu, but we'd like to reach out and make CUBRID easy to use by everyone.

Send us your suggestions at feedback[at]cubrid[dot]org

Are you using CUBRID and found a bug? Let us know and we`ll get it fixed.

You have two easy ways to report a bug :

Open an issue in JIRA >

... or send us an email at bug[at]cubrid[dot]org

Help us improve the CUBRID experience with feedback on our website and manuals. We tried to find the easiest ways to get the information to you, but we know there is always room for improvement. If you need an information and cannot find it, or if you can suggest other ways to improve the overall experience, write us an email at feedback[at]cubrid[dot]org

JJoin our community to discuss, share and exchange information with the experts. From CUBRID tech talks to getting to know the team behind it, you can get in touch with cool people, with great knowledge. Share with us your development experiences and challenges, and we 'll enjoy doing the same.

Let's talk on /r/CUBRID >

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Share your know-how with the CUBRID community!

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