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Unable to Resolve Host

If you have installed CUBRID on Linux, then one error that you can encounter is due to having a hostname that the cubrid service cannot resolve. We'll assume for this example that your current hostname is home-5321.

By running the command:


You will obtain your current hostname (home-5321 in our example). You can also change your hostname using the same command giving the name as a parameter. An example of how to set it to localhost.localdomain is shown below:

sudo hostname localhost.localdomain

To solve the problem, check the file /etc/hosts to see whether there is a line that has followed by your hostname. There can be several hostnames on one line. Just make sure that your current hostname is among the ones listed next to Otherwise, cubrid won't be able to resolve your hostname and you will encounter an error such as "Fatal Error: unable to resolve host name home-5321".

For example, if your current hostname is home-5321, then you should add a line like below to your /etc/hosts file: home-5321

Another acceptable solution is to add home-5321 to a line that starts with Example: localhost localhost.localdomain home-5321

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