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Connecting to a remote CUBRID Database hosted on Windows 7

As mentioned in the previous tutorial, we need to open inbound ports used by CUBRID Server in order to accept connections from remote client machines. This tutorial will show how to open ports on Windows 7.

Open Start menu and in the search bar type "Windows Firewall". You will see the following search results.

Start Windows Firewall

Choose "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security". In the new windows choose Inbound Rules from the left navigation panel.

Select Inbound Rules

Then choose Action > New Rules... menu item.

Create new inbound rule

In the modal window that pops up choose Port as a type of rules you would like to create. Then click Next to continue.

Choose rule type

Choose TCP and specify which local ports should be opened. They are 8001 and 8002 for CUBRID Tools, and 30000-30100 and 33000-33100 for CUBRID Drivers. If you want to connect to your database from your application through drivers and administer the database through CUBRID Tools, list all ports separated by comma, and port ranges indicated by dashes.

Specify ports

In the next view choose "Allow the connection" which will indicate that those local ports you specified in the previous step should be allowed.

Allow connections

In the new view, leave all checkboxes checked and click Next.

Check all checkboxes

Finally, give a name to the new inbound rules you have just created, and click Finish.

Give name and finish

Congratulations! Now you can connect remotely to your CUBRID database hosted on Windows 7. In your application code indicate the IP address of the host machine and CUBRID Broker port which defaults to 33000. If you have set another port for your Broker, use it instead and make sure they are open as well.

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