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CUBRID Service through CUBRID Manager

You can start or stop CUBRID related services using the CUBRID Manager.

This functionality works the same as using cubrid command in the command line. The only difference is you cannot start or stop the CUBRID Manager server with the CUBRID Manager client. In the image below you can notice that manager Service has been disabled withing the CUBRID Manager.


Registering the Service

You can register any combination of CUBRID Services withing the CUBRID Manager.

  1. Start the CUBRID Manager.
  2. Connect to your Host.
  3. Select your host in the Hosts panel, and select [Action] > [Properties] from the main menu.
  4. In the appeared Properties window select Start Service Configuration Menu.

After all, you will see the following image where you can select which service (server or broker) has to be automatically started. Additionally, you can indicate which databases should also be started by default.


Starting the Service

After you have successfully connected to your host, select [Tools] > [Start Service] in the main menu of CUBRID Manager as shown in the image below. This will start the services and databases you selected in the Properties as explained above.


Stopping the Service

If you are connected to your host, select [Tools] > [Stop Service] in the main menu to stop the Services.

Start/Stop Broker

To start or stop the selected broker, perform one of the following:

  • Click [Start Icon_start.png] or [Stop Icon_stop.png] from the toolbar.
  • Right-click a Broker and then select [Start Broker] or [Stop Broker].
  • Select [Action] > [Start Broker], or [Action] > [Stop Broker] on the menu.

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