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CUBRID WebQuery 1.5 - Release Notes

2010 CUBRID Co., Ltd.


CUBRID WebQuery is open source software. 
Use of the application is governed by a MIT license - see LICENSE file for details.
The code is based on the SQL Buddy software -

CHANGELOG for ver. 2.1
- Refactored completely the SQL engine to use the PDO CUBRID drivers, instead of the broken plain PHP ones
- Refactored completely the data-grids; the "old" version was buggy and did not provided extra features.
  The new data-grids are based on the open-source version of the DHTMLXGrid component (
- Export to PDF was added in the data browser
- Refactored tables overview
- Incipient Rich text editor functionality in the SQL Query
- Fixed keyboard shortcuts issues when editing texts
- Added Foreign keys information
- Enabled data details for views
- Updated the data types specific to 8.4
- Many bugs were fixed
- The code was clean up
- Stylesheets updated
- MooTools framework upated to 1.3
- Design updated in template/pages; User messages updated.
and other small fixes and updates

CHANGELOG for ver. 1.5.0
- Add support for Foreign keys in Export
- Code cleanup
- Added Foreign keys informations in table edit
- Add support for Export Views
- Various fixes

CHANGELOG for ver. 1.4.1
- Add displayed rows per page option
- Code cleanup
- New validations added
- Add support for Export Views
- Various fixes

CHANGELOG for ver. 1.4
- Rebranding from "SQL Buddy" to "WebQuery"

CHANGELOG for ver. 1.3

- The home page has been refactored
- The left-size main menu contain now the Views sub-tree
- Most of the texts and labels have been updated across the pages
- CREATE support has been moved to a dedicated page, with a separate menu entry
- CREATE support includes now VIEWS and SERIALS
- The database overview page now displays support also for: VIEWS, PROCEDURES, FUNCTIONS, TRIGGERS and SERIALS
- Changes were made in most of the text displayed in the pages, including additional notes, new links etc.
- The keyboard shortcuts information was moved to a new menu
- Export includes now fixes for PK proper support/Warnings in generated SQLs for FK
- Multilanguage original translations were removed, due to the many changes in the content with no translations available yet.
  Only support in en-US is provided for now (with support for ro-RO in progress).

In addition:
- Bugs were fixed
- (Legacy) Code cleanup
- ...and many other small changes and improvements...

If you are still having trouble, you can contact us at

Thanks for your support!

The CUBRID team
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