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New Features of CMT

Changes of CMT 2013.11


Importing CSV files from HDFS

At the selection CSV files page of CSV files to CUBRID migration wizard,

A new button “Add from HDFS” was added:

A HDFS files selecting dialog will be popped when the button was clicked:

The path text should be filled with the HDFS’s path just for example “hdfs://”, Press “Enter” key or click the “Open” button, and the dialog will get the path information from the server and list the results into the table viewer. Select the files and press “OK” to select the files which users want to import.

Specify the output files’ character set

If exporting data into SQL files or CSV files, the output files’ character set can be changed now.


Select Oracle database’s schema

If source database is an oracle database, users can specify the schema name which users want to export:

Jus append the “/”+schema name to the SID.

The schema name is the user name by default.

User defined char/Varchar length

Users can specify the factor to adjust the target Char/Varchar columns’ length.

Just select the columns and input a 1-10 number into the text and click the button “User defined:”


New PK definition UI

New table’s primary key definition UI:


Solved the problem: the PK columns order may be lost during migration.

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