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Install CUBRID Query Browser as an Eclipse Plugin

To install CQB as an Eclipse plugin, open your Eclipse IDE, then choose Install New Software from the Help menu. The following window should pop up.

Install in eclipse

In this window enter the following URL in the Work with: field, which will indicate where to download the CUBRID Query Browser.

Hit Enter or click on the Add button. The CUBRID Query Browser software should be then listed as shown in the image above.

From the available list check beside the CUBRID Query Browser plug-ins for Eclipse. Then press Next to start calculating the dependencies. After that you will see the following window with Install Details.

Install Details

Press Next to see the license terms.

Review Licenses

Accept the terms and press Finish. This will install the CUBRID Query Browser as an Eclipse plugin.

During the installation you might see the following message. Ignore it by clicking OK and continue.

Security Warning

After all Eclipse will prompt you to restart your IDE. Click on the Restart Now.

Restart Eclipse IDE

Once you restart you will see the your previous perspective. To switch to CUBRID Query Browser perspective, click on the Open Perspective button on the top right corner as shown in the image below.

Open Perspective

You will see a list of perspectives. Click on Other... to add CUBRID Query Browser perspective.

Other Perspectives

A new window will show up. From the provided list, choose CUBRID Query Browser, then press OK.

Open CUBRID Query Browser Perspective

You will notice that the view of IDE has been changed as shown in the image below. Now add a new host and do your database management.

Open CUBRID Query Browser Perspective

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