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CWM Release Note Summary


Development theme in 4, 2013 "Improve User Experience and Bug Fix"


1. Release version : CWM-

- More release notes:

2. Download

- CUBRIDWebManager- :

3. Major Improvements

Check CM user name

CM user name can contain letter, digit or underscore, and should not be "admin". CWM limit new CM user name in CM user management view. More info see:


Highlight column with primary key

Highlight columns which share primary key with multi columns.

Highlight columns.jpg


Configure daily report time

User can configure the daily report time in configuration window when add new daily report job.

config report time.jpg


Disable DB operation/Variables/Automations view if not "admin"

If CWM login user is not "admin", disable DB operation/Variables/Automations view before service support to config these auth.


Development theme in 12, 2012 "CWM Log Query and Report"


1. Release version : CWM- / CWM-

- More release notes:

2. Download

- CUBRIDWebManager- :
- CUBRIDWebManager- :

3. Major Improvements

Log query and report

There is a new view called "Report". In this view, user can query the log by sepcified period.


The supported log types for DB are error log, auto backup log, auto add volume log, for broker is start/stop log. Of course, if a user has no “admin” authorization on broker, he cannot query the broker log. By default, user can choose period as latest day/week/month from combo, and also can specify by himself in following fields. The query result is showing at the bottom of this view. In the grid toolbar, user can export log to excel, share log with a URL, send log to email.

If the result is not null, user can export it to excel simply by click the button,  only when the browser has installed flash player of latter version.


User can share the query result with a URL.


User can also send the result to email via the registed system email sender. If you hadn't registed the sender, you need to register it first by click the edit button. Email sender configuration UI will introduce later.



Auto report log to email

User "admin" can add/delete auto log report jobs in system, to auto send email with log info to specified email address by period.

Auto Log Report.jpg

User "admin" can add auto log report job by click the "Add Job" button at the bottom of the grid. Support log types are DB error log and broker start/stop log, support period types are daily/weekly/monthly. Similarly, if never set the sender email, you need to set it at first. Following will introduce the sender mail configuration window.




System email sender configuration

There will be a email sender setted by user "admin", which will be used to send some info to specified email address. Currently only support send log query result to specified email and auto report log to sepcified email.

Following is the sender email configuration window.



Database status per database

CWM now display the database status per database in detail in "Monitor" view. Include following status info:

- Database online/offline status
- CPU usage percent
- Memory usage percent
- Occupied CAS count
- QPS(queries processed per second)
- LQS(long-duration queries processed per second)
- Lock of transaction
- Free Data space(size/percent)
- Free Index space(size/percent)
- Free Generic space(size/percent)
- Temp size
- Active log size



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