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CUBRID Web Manager Table Management Structure

Table Structure view is the mainly view for table. This view includes column list, index list, partition table list.


Column List

In column list, we list out all the columns in current table, include following info: datatype, auto increment, not null constraint, default value. You can do following operation on column:

  • Edit Column : Change the selected column to you what you want
  • Drop Column : Drop the selected column(s)
  • Set Primary Key : Set the selected column(s)  as primary key.
  • Add Unique Key : Set  the selected column(s)  as unique key.
  • Add Index : Set  the selected column(s)  as index.

Index List

Index list will list out all the indexes in current table, include primary key/unique key/index. You can rename/drop the key/index in this grid.

Partition Table List

Only available when current table has partition table. Right now, we only support viewing the partition table. The operation on partition table will support at later version.

Add Column

You can specify the position of new column, and the number of the new column to be added at one time. Following is the UI of add column. Maybe you have found it was similar with column setting panel in create table window. See more info about create table window from Database Structure view.


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