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CUBRID Web Manager Log Query and Report

Log Query

In Report view, you can query and report log. The supported log types for DB are error log, auto backup log, auto add volume log, for broker is start/stop log. Of course, if you have no “admin” authorization on broker, you cannot query the broker log. By default, you can choose period as latest day/week/month from combo, and also can specify by himself in following fields. The query result is showing at the bottom of this view. 

Log Report

In the toolbar of query result grid, you can export log to excel, share log with a URL, send log to email(Only available for "admin" user). If the result is not null, you can export it to excel simply by click the button,  only when the browser has installed flash player of latter version.


You can share the query result with a URL.


You can also send the result to email via the registed system email sender. If you hadn't registed the sender, you need to register it first by click the edit button. Email sender configuration please see from Automation Management.


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