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CUBRID Web Manager Key Features

The latest version of CUBRID Web Manager provides a wide range of powerful web-based database management tools.

  • Provides the web-based GUI and user-friendly widget, panel and navigator.
  • Allows CM server administrator to login, logout or change the password.
  • Allows to browse and manage databases.
  • Allows to browse and manage database users and privileges.
  • Provides a convenient way to browse and manage table schema or structure and it allows to manage indexes and records.
  • Provides Data Import and Export functions for various file formats.
  • Provides SQL query editor to execute user-defined SQL statements and display query results and it allows users to update or delete records visually.
  • Allows to browse and check brokers and their status details.
  • Allows to browse and check variable settings for CUBRID server, manager server and brokers.
  • Provides visual tools to graphically monitor the performance and status of host server, databases and brokers.


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