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CUBRID Web Manager Introduction



CUBRID Web Manager (CWM) is the most powerful web-based database administration tool developed for CUBRID DBAs. It has a convenient and intuitive Web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) and provides powerful features to manage databases, brokers, execute queries, monitor performance and many more.


System Architecture

How does CUBRID Web Manager work with CUBRID database, broker and manager server?


CWM is a server-side plugin for CUBRID database server. However, CWM should be installed and ran on CUBRID database server and you must make sure that the broker service is available on the same host as the database server, so that CWM can normally access CCI services via the broker of local database server.



Based on CM Server HTTPD Service

CWM is fully and necessarily depended on CM Server HTTPD service which is running on CUBRID server-side and provides RESTful API services based on HTTP/HTTPS communication.

When CM Server and HTTPD service are ready for CWM web application, some additional resources will be consumed on server-side, necessarily include that:

  • CM Server TCP port (8001, 8002 and 8003 as default).
  • CM HTTPD External TCP port for HTTPS/SSL (8282 as default). It can be changed in conf/cm_httpd.conf file.
  • One or more cub_cmhttpd active processes in operation system.
  • cub_cmserver active processes in operation system.

As the advantages of RESTful Open API system, CM HTTPD can support not only CWM but also your new custom application. It's very powerful and high-extensible. Refer to CMS HTTP Interface documentation.



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