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CUBRID Web Manager Getting Started

You can find the latest versions at 
As a web-based application plug-in, CUBRID Web Manager (CWM) is easy to install on (or integrated with) CUBRID server. Please follow CUBRID Web Manager Installation Instructions to complete the installation and configuration.

Enjoy CWM with your web browser!


Connect to CWM

Browse https://yourhost:8282/ in your browser, log-in  CM server (Default ID/PWD is admin/admin)

Since CUBRID 9.2, you might browse https://yourhost:8001/ in your browser. This 8001 port is same as the CUBRID Manager Server port.



After you login CWM successfully, you will see the main page of CWM.



DBs on the left. Choose a DB to log-in (Default ID/PWD is dba/"Just Enter")



In main view of a database, tables on the left. Any operation on the right


Choose a Table on the left and click.You would see the main view of this table. Other tables in same database on the left, any operation on the right




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