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CUBRID Web Manager Database Management Search


Database Search view is a search helper for user. You can search the specified words in specified column or all columns. CWM support following search type:

  • At least one of the words : CWM can accept several words by split the input with a space. In this type, CWM will search whether one of the words is in the column(s). Of course, you can just input one word to search. In this situation, CWM will search whether the single word is in the column(s).
  • All words : This type can also accept several words. Unlike first type, this type will search whether all of the words is in the column(s). But, if you only input one word, it's the same with first type.
  • The exact phrase : This type will search whether the input is in the column(s). It's completely different with first two types.

We support choose more than one tables to search. You can select all the tables in current database. But you need to choose at least one table.

You can specify the column to search or input nothing in the column field. At later situation, CWM will search through all the columns in selected table(s).



After submit the search criteria, CWM will show the result list. The result list includes the records count of all the selected table(s). You can browse to see the result detail. As you can see, the detail area is similar with Query Editor view.


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