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CUBRID Web Manager Database Management Query

Database Query view is a query helper for user. 

Select Table

By default, we selected all the tables in current database. You can remove some tables from select. If there are many tables in current database, remove some is very useful for you to choose the column that you want. After you change the select, to make the selected take into effect, you need to submit it by click 'Update Query' button.

Query Criteria

You can select the columns to query in a drop down list in 'Column' row. The drop down list include all the columns of the selected tables. In 'Criteria' row, you can input the query condition about the select column. Following 'Criteria' row is added criteria row, you can input query condition in these field(s) also. If you want more added criteria row, just click 'Add' button. You may want to remove some added criteria row, just uncheck the row you want to remove.

Most important is that, the query is group by vertical. For example, the first criteria is about the first column, and so on.

SQL Area

The SQL query area was used to show the SQL statement created by Query Criteria. After you click 'Update Query' button in Query Criteria, the created SQL will show in this area. This area support editing. You can edit the created SQL if you want. After you submit the SQL, Query Editor view will run the statement, and give out the result. See more about the Query Editor view from here.


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