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CUBRID Web Manager Database Management Privilege

Database Privileges view was used to manage/view the database user in current database. With the authorization, you can add/edit/remove user. In CUBRID, database user are case insensitive, we show all the database user in upper case.

User List

When you enter into this view, you will see a grid list out all the users in current database. If the current login user is "DBA" or a member of "DBA", you can edit/remove these users, except "DBA" and "PUBLIC" which can only be edited. Else if can only view the info about these users. See more info about database user authorization.


Add User

Only available for "DBA" or a member of "DBA". After you click the 'Add' button, you will see a following window. For a new user, you can define 3 parts infomation:

  • Basic Info : Needed. Include user name and password. 
  • Group Info : Optional. Default group is "PUBLIC". You can add the new into other groups.
  • Table/View Authorization Optional. You can grant a user with SELECT/INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE/ALTER/INDEX/EXECUTE authorizations on tables. These authorizations can be with granted authorization.


Edit User

The UI for edit user window is similar with add user window. "DBA" or a member of "DBA" can edit all the users on group info and table/view authorization. "DBA" can change the password of all the user. If you login with a user which is not "DBA" or a member of "DBA", you can only change the password of yourself, and view the info of all the user include yourself.


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