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CUBRID Web Manager Database Management

Only available for "admin" user. In Databases view, you can create/manage the databases in your login CUBRID system.


Database List

In database list grid, we list out all the databases which had been authorization on you. 

This grid support following operation. Operation list is same order with action button from left to right in grid.

  • Manage Privileges : After click the 'Check user and privileges' button, you will login the selected database and go to the database Previleges view. See more about Database Privileges view.
  • Start Database : You can start the selected database by click this button, if the database is stopped.
  • Stop Database : You can stop the selected database by click this button, if the database is started.
  • Drop Database : You can drop the selected database by click this button.

Create Database

You only need to input the database name you want to create. Then CWM will create a database for you. This database use the default setting.

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