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CUBRID Web Manager Broker Management

Brokers List

The 'Brokers List' grid list out all the brokers in CUBRID system. In this grid, you can see following info: STATUS/PID/PORT/AS/JQ/REQ/TPS/QPS. See Checking Broker Status for more info about these abbreviation. Also, you can see the complete phrase about an abbreviation word from tip when cursor on the column title.

Broker Operation

Only available for user had been granted "admin" authorization. We support the following operation on broker:

  • Start All Brokers : Start all the list out brokers.
  • Stop All Brokers : Stop all the list out brokers.
  • Start Single Broker : Start the sepcified single broker. Available when some brokers were started.
  • Stop Single Broker : Stop the sepcified single broker. Available when some brokers were started.


Detail info about Single Broker

You can see the detail info about single broker by click the 'Detail' button in 'Broker List'. The detail info include PID/PORT/JOB QUEUE/AUTO ADD APPLY SERVER/SQL LOG MODE/SESSION TIMEOUT/KEEP CONNECTION/ACCESS MODE, and CAS(CUBRID Application Server) info. CAS info include ID/PID/QPS/LQS/PSIZE/STATUS/DATABASE. Similarly, you can see detail info from Checking Broker Status.

Refresh Broker Info

We supply two mode to refresh broker info:

  • Manually : In default, you need to click the 'Refresh' button to refresh the data. In this mode, TPS/QPS/LQS is total count.
  • Automatically : You can let CWM to auto refresh the data by check 'Enable Auto Refresh'. In this mode, TPS/QPS/LQS is delta value between current data to lastest data.


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