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CUBRID Web Manager Automation Management

Only available for "admin" user. In Automation view, you can manage the auto job about database, broker and log report.


Database Automation

We support following auto job about database. You can see the auto job log for each type.

  • Auto Startup : If you enable this feature, CMS will automatically check the database status, if found the database was stopped, will startup it automatically.
  • Auto Volume Extension : This feature include Data/Index auto extension. If you enable this feature, when space out of warning rate, CMS will auto add volume of specified size.
  • Auto Backup : You need to add auto backup plan to enable this feature. After you add auto backup plan, CMS will automatically do the backup job by the sepcified period.



Broker Automation

We support broker auto startup job. It's similar with database auto startup job.


Auto report log to email

You can add/delete auto log report jobs in system, to auto send email with log info to specified email address by period. 

You can add auto log report job by click the "Add Job" button at the bottom of the grid. Support log types are DB error log and broker start/stop log, support period types are daily/weekly/monthly. If you had never setted the sender email, you need to set it at first. 

config daily report.jpg


Following is the sender email configuration window.



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