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CUBRID Web Manager Appendix

How to limit user access by IP addresses?

CM HTTPD allows to limit access to certain client IP addresses. You can edit the conf/cm_httpd.conf text file.


location / {
    allow 2001:0db8::/32;
    deny  all;

The rules are checked in sequence until the first match is found. In this example, an access is allowed only for IPv4 networks10.1.1.0/16 and192.168.1.0/24excluding the address, and for IPv6 network 2001:0db8::/32.


How does CWM work with CM server?

CM server provides two set of APIs for CWM web front-end to use via CM HTTPD, and these APIs include CMAPI and CCI which interact with CWM in HTTP/JSON format.

The typical two ways and processes are as below:

  • SQL satement → HTTPD/CCI → CM Server → Broker → CUBRID DB Engine
  • CM command → HTTPD/CMAPI → CM Server → CUBRID DB Engine



In fact, CM HTTPD service is based on and backed by NGINX web server. Currently, NGINX-1.2.0 is integrated in and cooperated with CM server as the HTTPD engine. Besides, the conf/cm_httpd.conf file also follows the NGINX configuration specification.

If you want to use new version of NGINX even other web server like Apache as instead, of course you can install them as the standalone HTTP server and configure them according to the content of conf/cm_httpd.conf file. In this way, your self-defined CM HTTPD service will work well with CM server and CUBRID Web Manager.

Additionally, some security risks are existing potentially due to using HTTP server as CM HTTPD engine . To protect your file data and system security, it is very necessary to make sure that, never expose important files and paths to outside network, and permit secured http communication only. So we strongly recommend that, please keep using default setting in CM HTTPD to avoid unnecessary data exposure and unsecured data communication.


About CWM and Ext JS.

For the better user experience, we wish that CWM is not a common web application but a RIA (Rich Internet Application) and able to be supported by nearly all of the mainstream browsers like IE, Firefox and Chrome... So that, Ext JS was selected as our JavaScript development framework due to its excellent features and rich web UI widgets. Currently, CWM uses Ext JS 4.0.7 as web front-end development framework. It's the most helpful that Ext JS provides us the modern UI widgets, rich documentation supports, powerful SDK tools, advanced charting and graphing supports, clean component and object model, and cross platform browser compatibility.

On the ther side, because of the rigid style of Ext JS widgets, it is very hard to change the appearance of these UI widgets, unless change or overwrite the CSS and images which have been nested in Ext JS. Therefore, CSS expert and web art designer is very important to such tasks.

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