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CUBRID Query Browser Key Features

The latest version of CUBRID Query Browser provides the following key features.

  • Includes all versions of CUBRID JDBC Driver, thus you can connect to any CUBRID database.
  • Provides very convenient authentication and host management by allowing to group hosts, save login information and auto-login.
  • Provides improved customization. User can set the preferences for CQB exit behavior, adjust Query Editor options such as capitalization of keywords or function names.
  • Provides all the capability of CM's Query Editor and Execution tools. Includes the list of new keywords and function names.
  • Provides improved Data Import and Export functions. Now it can be executed in multiple threads based on user preferences for increased performance.
  • Can run as a standalone application or as an Eclipse IDE plugin.

Edit and Execute SQL Statements: 

Users can connect to CUBRID databases, create, edit and execute SQL scripts, check their results through various CUBRID JDBC drivers. Here is a detailed list of operations you can run in the CQB.

SQL Statement Operations
Open Auto Commit Add Comment Set Prepared SQL Parameters
Save Query plan Remove Comment Quick Help
Save as Redo Insert Tab Show/Hide Query Result
Execute Undo Remove Tab
Commit Find/Replace Format
Rollback Find Next Query with OID

Manage CUBRID Database Objects with UI:

The CQB includes serial UIs for creating/editing/dropping tables/views/triggers/serials/functions/procedures of CUBRID Databases. Here is a detailed list of operations on these objects.

Table Operations
Create Table Truncate Table Export Data Edit Table
Select All Insert Simple Data Drop Table Copy DDL/DML to Clipboard
Select Count Execute Prepared SQL Rename Table Show Schema Infomation
Delete All Records Import Data Create Like Table
View Operations
Create View Select Count Drop View Edit View
Select All Export Data Rename View View Information
Trigger Operations
Create Trigger Drop Trigger Edit Trigger
Serial Operations
Create Serial Drop Serial Edit Serial
Stored Procedure Operations
Create Function Create Procedure Drop Function/Procedure

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