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CUBRID Query Browser Installation Instructions


Since CUBRID Query Browser is implemented in Java, it requires Java Runtime Environment or Java Development Kit version 1.6 or later.


CUBRID Query Browser does not require any installations. It is distributed in an archived file with an extension .tar.gz. All you have to do is extract the contents of the archive to a desired location (e.g. Desktop).

CQB uses JDBC driver to connect to CUBRID server. You do not have to separately download the drivers as CQB has them all.

Eclipse plugin

If you want to run the CQB as an Eclipse plugin, Eclipse version 3.5 or higher is recommended to be installed on your computer. To download the latest version of Eclipse, visit Eclipse Download page

There are many different version of Eclipse optimized for different purposes. Choose the one you think applies to you best. If you are not sure which one suits you better, you may download Eclipse Classic.

Then, Install CUBRID Query Browser as an Eclipse Plugin.

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