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CUBRID Manager Monitor Statistic

Monitor Statistic


From CUBRID 9.2.0, CM Server starts support monitor statistic. And Cubrid Manager 2014.01 support this on UI.

In order to use this feature, you should enable this feature in configuration file - conf/cm.conf: change support_mon_statistic=NO to support_mon_statistic=YES. By default, it's disabled. After change, restart CM Server is necessary. After enable monitor statistic, CM Server will start to collect the monitor data by monitor interval. Then when you use this feature on CUBRID Manager, you can see these data in chart.

The detail as following:


1. Single host monitor statistic

You can add monitor statistic pages in each CUBRID node. You can add the monitor statistic page as following:




Then you'll see a white editor, click "Go to Edit Mode" button to change to edit mode.



Then you can add/edit/remove monitor statistic chart. The available options for each chart item in configuration dailog are:

  • Data Type: Database, Database Volume, Broker, OS
  • Time Type: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly
  • Database: The started database list, only available when Data Type combo selected Database
  • Volume: The volume list for the selected database, only available when Data Type combo selected Database Volume
  • Broker: The broker list, only available when Data Type combo selected Broker
  • Metrics for Database: Metrics about CPU usage info, memory info, application info, IO info, pages info, HA info, database free space info
  • Metrics for Database Volume: Volume free space
  • Metrics for Broker: TPS, QPS, long transaction, long query, request, error query, job query
  • Metrics for OS: Metrics about CPU usage info, memory info, disk free space info




2. Multi-host monitor statistic

You can add monitor statistic pages in Dashboard tab. Following picture shows how to add a multi-host monitor statistic page:



The dialog for configuration a chart item is a little different from single host situation. You can see the different from following picture:


You can add several hosts item with different info to a monitor statistic chart. The options for each chart is similar with single host situation.


3. View chart detail

You can double click the chart or Click “Detail” menu item on toolbar when edit mode to open the detail data view.

Note: It will display “-1” if the source data is invalid:

  • One of the chart element in a chart is unavailable
  • Not all the times has valid data. For example, you configure a chart display weekly data, but you enable monitor statistic on CM Server only one day, then six days' will be -1.




4. View/edit monitor statistic collecting interval

You can view/edit the monitor statistic collecting interval in each CUBRID node which support monitor statistic.



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