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CUBRID Manager Key Features

The latest version of CUBRID Manager provides a wide range of powerful database management tools.

  • Includes all versions of CUBRID JDBC Driver, thus you can connect to any CUBRID database.
  • Allows to create and manage unlimited number of databases and database volumes.
  • Provides both powerful and convenient users and groups management. Users can create and manage both CM users and database users.
  • Allows to create and manage tables, columns, and rows, create views, triggers, serials, and stored procedures.
  • Provides the powerful Query Editor and Execution tools which allow to retrieve and enter data by using prepared SQL statements.
  • Provides very convenient authentication and host management by allowing to group hosts, save login information and auto-login.
  • Provides improved Data Import and Export functions to various formats.
  • Provides the powerful Data Backup and Restore features.
  • Provides a convenient way to manage Brokers and Logs.
  • Provides a built-in HA (High-Availability) Monitoring feature.
  • Provides improved operating convenience: error tracking based on logs,
  • Provides improved customization. User can set the preferences for CQB exit behavior, adjust Query Editor options such as capitalization of keywords or function names.
  • Provides enhanced settings for environment variables: Server, Broker, CM, HA related parameters.
  • Provides improved hosts panel functions. Displays tooltips on hover, drag and drop feature, grouping, filter to hide desired items or search, display table schema as children nodes.
  • Provides a plugin support for nLucene full-text search engine.

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