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CUBRID Manager Installation

■ How to download CUBRID Manager

CUBRID Manager requires JRE (Java Runtime Environment) because it should be executed on Java runtime environment. You can download and install JRE on the following site.

※ You may download Java SE 6 Update 30 version(on January, 2012).

You can download CUBRID Manager for your CUBRID server by HTTP / FTP on the following download url. Please download recent version build.

  • CUBRID Manager download URL : HTTP FTP

■ How to install CUBRID Manager

It will be downloaded and installed new version automatically after getting user's agree as CUBRID Manager have the autoupdate function.

If you do not use the autoupdate, also you can download and install it. But, it has little different on Windows/Linux/Mac.

  • Windows : You can install after using |Start| - |CUBRID| - |Uninstall CUBRID Manager| to uninstall.
  • Linux / Mac : You can install by running sh file or untar tar.gz file without uninstall.

We recommand to backup CUBRID Manager's workspace folder if you need to upgrade it manually. The workspace folder can be found in CUBRID Manager installed folder if you use default workspace. If you already have been changed other workspace, you should backup that folder.

■ How to uninstall CUBRID Manager

If you want to uninstall CUBRID Manager, you can use same way on Install CUBRID Manager part. If you need to delete an installed folder completely with a workspace folder, you should delete a workspace folder after uninstall CUBRID Manager.

■ How to patch CUBRID Manager Server

CUBRID Manager Server is installed with CUBRID DBMS during install CUBRID. But, it can be released solely before new version of CUBRID Manager or CUBRID Migration Toolkit are released.

If you have seen on release notes of CUBRID Manager, CUBRID Migration Toolkit, you should patch new server.

For reference, you can download patch files as the following site. When you download it, you can do download with same version of database.

Patch CUBRID Manager Server:

1) First, you should check online whether or not on CUBRID Manager Server.

cubrid service status

2) If it is running, you should stop CUBRID Manager Server as the following.

cubrid manager stop

3) To patch new version, unzip new version of CUBRID Manager Server distribution file.

4) Copy cub_auto, cub_js, cub_job, cub_ftproc files into $CUBRID/bin folder. It's names are cub_auto.exe, cub_js.exe, cub_job.exe, cub_ftproc.exe for Windows build.

5) If you complete patch there, you can start server as the following.

cubrid manager start

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