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CUBRID Manager Getting Started

2.1. Running CUBRID Manager

Running in Windows

Select |Start| > |All Programs| > |CUBRID| > |CUBRID Manager Client|.

Click the CUBRID Service Tray and then select |Tools| > |CUBRID Manager|.

Running in Linux

You can start the CUBRID Manager client by entering one of the following commands on the shell.

%cd $CUBRID/cubridmanager


CUBRID Manager Client Log

Error logs that occurred while the CUBRID Manager client is running are created as the cubridmanager.log file in $CUBRID/cubridmanager/logs. When analyzing CUBRID Manager improvements and errors, you can participate in efforts to improve the CUBRID Manager by registering the error log and the symptom as an issue at the CUBRID Manager development site.

2.2. Connect CUBRID Host

Connect Host

A connection to a specific host is made when you double-click the host registered in the host navigation tree. Or you can right-click a host, select |Connect Host|, check the user name, and then click |Connect| to connect to the host.

If the connection is successful, the host icon changes

Disconnect Host

Right-click the host in the host navigation tree, and then select |Disconnect Host|.

Add Host

You can manage databases through multiple hosts in a single manager by adding a host. To add a host, perform one of the followings:

  • Click |Add Host| from the toolbar.
  • Select |File| > |Add Host| on the menu.
  • Right-click in the navigation tree, and then select |Add Host|.

If you enter the information and then click the |Add| button, the host is added to the host navigation tree, but not connected to. If you click |Connect|, however, the host is added to the navigation tree and connected to as well.

Delete Host

Deletes the information of the host registered in the host navigation tree. When a host is deleted, all information in the sub-nodes is deleted as well. However, only the CUBRID Manager client configuration, not the CUBRID Manager server configuration, is deleted.

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